Portable Crusher Price And Application

Portable jaw crusher, also called portable crusher. Mainly used for the crushing of ores. I plant the production of this machine has the advantages of small volume, big crushing ratio (5-8), low noise,Low price, simple structure, convenient maintenance, suitable for metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, high hardness materials crushing.

Portable crusher is mainly composed of a roller, roller skin skin composed of supporting bearing, compressing and regulating device and a driving device etc.. The grain size regulation: wedge or gasket adjusting device is arranged between the two roller, top wedge device with adjusting bolt, when adjusting bolt will wedge upwards, wedge will activities roller from fixed wheel.

The Working Principle Of Portable jaw Crusher

Portable jaw crusher is our company’s patent product, it is based on the power station (electric power station and diesel engine power station) high-pressure hydraulic oil produced as the energy source, through the tubing conveyed to each splitter (also known as cleavage gun) of the cylinder tube, control the splitter within the piston rod promote the expansion, and the ingenious application of wedge principle, make stone split force reach hundreds of tons or even hundreds of thousands of tons of rock and concrete, and although the external compressive strength is very great, but the tensile strength of its interior is relatively limited, it is because of these characteristics of each other, so with the splitting device can be easily put in a few seconds boulder split, make hard ore separation from the mountain. Portable crusher which is composed of a pump station and broken machines cracking device of two parts, by the high pressure oil, pump station output actuating cylinder, generating huge thrust, driving the middle wedge forward out of the wedge in the group, will reverse wedge on both sides to open.

Portable Crusher Application Scope

  • 1. is widely used in mining, coal, mud and stone works, city infrastructure, road or construction sites and site operation and recovery
  • 2. can be used for the treatment of the surface soil and a variety of materials; viscous concrete aggregate separation and selection of stone industry
  • 3. it can be used for processing the river construction waste sand. Pebbles, rocks, ore tailings, stone chips.
  • 4. Portable crusher processing equipment according to the actual demand and three broken system, has great flexibility

Portable Crusher Configuration And Performance Characteristics

Portable crusher machine, which is also known as the portable processing equipment, is a kind of mobile rock crushing operation. It can be seen as a simple stone production line, which is widely used in railway, highway, water conservancy, construction, metallurgy and other industries. Jaw type portable processing equipment equipped with the crusher, impact crusher and other equipment, to ensure that the high grinding efficiency, versatility and excellent quality of products. It has the advantages of reasonable design structure and excellent breaking performance. Reliable quality assurance, large new and old customers have established a good quality reputation at home and abroad. Mobile crushing station with easy operation, convenient maintenance, and not only technical skills, but also has good adaptability, transport volume, particle size and abrasion. Integration configuration enables portable rock crushing machine, with high durability and higher aging.

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