Cone Crusher Operating Principle

Cone crusher for sale is an advanced high-power, high crushing ratio, high productivity, hydraulic crusher. Range widely, particularly for use in ultra-fine crushing hard rock, ore, slag, refractories. Cone Crusher by frame body, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, consisting of crushing cone, transmission and other major parts of eccentric and electrical, lubrication and other auxiliary parts. The machine is divided into coarse crushing cone crusher (rough broken), cone crusher (Medium broken) and crushing cone crusher (thin broken) three, cone crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores above medium hardness and rock. Cone crusher with greater operational efficiency and crushing capacity to help improve the economy continued development and progress. The advantages of this machine design, and superior performance is a very large cone crusher crushing industry prospects fundamental reason. Our mechanical manufacturing cone crusher market is very broad, including various industries mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal and glass.

Cone Crusher Operating Principle

Cone crusher operation principle: the motor gear driven by the eccentric rotation, moving cone rotary swing do move in force under the eccentric sleeve, moving cone section near the cone of silence that is becoming the crushing chamber, the material by the dynamic cone and the cone of silence broken repeatedly squeeze and impact. When moving cone leave the zone, where the crushed to the required size of the material in the fall under its own gravity, is discharged from the bottom of the cone.

Cone Crusher Maintenance Measures

Cone crusher is one of crushing equipment indispensable in many modern production are inseparable help cone crusher. When in actual operation, many operators will encounter a variety of failures, if not timely maintenance will lead to normal production has been greatly affected, and even production safety accidents. Cone crusher oil spill is one of the common faults, but the cone crusher is a common fault can not be ignored in the oil level indicator without oil or oil flow interruption, oil decline, this is a common occurrence. The main reason for this is that the pump is not working properly, or low oil pipeline blocking, when dealing with the general first to clean the tubing system, while heating oil and check the pump repaired in time to lift the cone crusher common faults.

Cone Crusher Operating Principle Application

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry crushed materials can be broken over the medium and medium hardness ores and rocks. Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, suitable for crushing and fine crushing of various ores, rocks. It is the traditional structure of the cone crusher is clearly different in design and focus of the main advantages of each type are known to date cone crusher.

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