Flash Dryer for Copper Concentrate

Flash dryer is a continuous drying plant used for drying variety of wet cakes by disintegrating wet cake into fine powder and dried by hot air to form powder. The whole process is fully automatic requiring no handling or human involvement. The feed rate is adjusted automatically as per the variation in moisture content in wet cake thereby achieving consistent product quality.

The drying is instantaneous and the material remains at wet bulb temperature of air. Hence it is also called as “wet bulb drying”. The flash dryer for copper concentrate is energy efficient, requiring no intermediate material handling.

Flash Dryer Benefits

  • 1. Reduced running cost.
  • 2. Ideal replacement for tray drying of wet cakes.
  • 3. Extremely sticky or pasty wet cake can be handled.
  • 4. Particle size as fine as 500 mesh is achievable.
  • 5. Low residence time, minimum exposure to heat, retains original product quality.
  • 6. Proprietary design of disintegrator ensures uniform mixing of wet cake and hot air giving consistent and homogeneous powder quality.

Mineral Drying Plant for Sale

Drying is operation of the removal of water from solids, liquids or gases. In almost all industries, at some step in the process, material needs to be dried. Drying can be the beginning, intermediate or final step in the material flow. Efficient drying machine therefore are critical to successful processing plant design.

Copper concentrate drying machine is also an important equipment in copper processing application. It help remove the water, and prepare for further processing. SBM provides a range of thermal drying systems including rotary dryers, fluid bed dryers and several other types of drying plant. If you want to know copper concentrate drying machine price, please contact us.

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